Update: 26/07/20

Hey everyone, 

Thank you so much for the support and feedback so far. I didn't expect this game to get so much attention. 

I have read all your feedback and decided to make a few changes: 

  • A lot have commented on the fact that the game is too short and they can't read all the dialog. Therefore, I decided to change the gameplay to 20 seconds. 
  • I fixed some bugs where players keep getting 'Missing' Ending for every route they take. You should be able to get all the endings now depending on the choices you make. 

I still have yet to add music. If anyone out there has worked with Twine in Harlowe and knows how to add music. Could you please get in contact with me? 

I would love to hear more feedback as I worry that the game will become too easy... 

Thanks again for your support and enjoy the small update!



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Jul 26, 2020

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