You are walking home from work. You are being followed. 

With only 20 seconds left of power on your phone, you can attempt to make contact with people that you think could help you out. 

Is 20 seconds enough time to save your life? 

Features of the game:

  • Seven possible endings.
  • 20 seconds of gameplay, so you can play again and again. 
  • Made by Twine, so you can easily play on your browser.

First game made by Twine and for 'My First Game Jam'.  

Creator's Note (12/3/21): This game was created in June 2020, based on my fears as a woman walking home alone at night. It is horrifying to see these scenarios continue to become our reality. I desperately wish to look back at this game ten years from now and live in a society where women never have to worry about their safety walking alone. 

Updated on 26/07/20: You now have 20 seconds.  

If there is anything you think I could improve, please let me know in the comments below! 

Please support me on Ko-fi, so I can continue to grow and make free games

Development log


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this is actually so good

I only found 5 of the endings, but this was still a really insightful game

im very happy i survived first try very fun game and wow A for amazing when it comes to parents


Are there jumpscares?


Such lovely parents


realistically no one would kidnap me cause i am ugly asf


'Is 20 Seconds enough to save your life?' NO 20 Seconds aint enough, 20 seconds aint gonna get me 10 victorys in fortnut


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Why would I pick up my phone to make a call JUST WHEN someone is probably chasing and trying to kill me? You guys could do a better plot.


I'm stunned - how did you set the timer in twine?  :D


bro the boyfriend is the guy chasing you isn't he omg i literally just spoke to him and his acting weird not answering a lot of my sentences and says he can't pick me up imma check to see if this is in an ending but i dunno


also he says that he can't walk to me for some reason


also he wasnt home and lied to me


i can't find anything to do with this but i think that's it's a good theory and at this point im just talking to myself, aren't i


Hm.. I think He is busy with another girl?.. I'm not sure but when I tried to call him and I survive, the MC told that the boyfriend is cheating and that she deserve better than that man..  

Yah she found out he was cheating, he wasn't home




I mean, it would be good if it were possible to read dialogue without the timer going down.

Deleted post

oh no a white tiktok girls biggest fear /j


3 minutes to win, good game

I played your game and it was pretty fun.

The game itself is really well made, personally I don't like the story but that's a personal thing so I can't judge it for that. However, you don't really get to read the text as your goal is to rush.


for a first game it is good

Good game. Although more horror element could be added :)

I loved it, so cool, keep doing quality content


This concept is really interesting and it was fun to play, but when using the phone it's almost impossible to read the dialogue in time without the timer running down. I know the whole thing is supposed to be in real time to add to urgency, but not being able to read the exposition and narration in time makes it frustrating. The writing is interesting, though, and the time mechanic is a very cool idea!


At first i was calm but then i panicked and just started pressing every thing lmao

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I'm from the UK, so our emergency numbers are 999.   

Deleted post

Oops, that's a typo it's supposed to be 999 throughout. I'm working on a new version with fixes, so I will fix that. Thanks for letting me know! 

Deleted post

I couldn't call the cops fast enough, so I simply turned around and stabbed him 243 times in the neck with a pencil. Same difference.

I can't seem to get it working on mobile, maybe it's me

Oh no! It's a bit difficult to play Twine games on a mobile, I'd recommend to play it on a desktop instead :) 


Luke is an A-hole

did that well and good

This was a really interesting experience. It really brings to light the struggle of walking alone at night


nice game, first ending i got was because i tried calling my mum and she did NOTHINGGG and i had no time to call the police so i was kidnapped

i got the ending where the man is arrested and boy, was that one heck of a ride. i was actually anxious!


after the ending where you say you will not rely on others for safety there should be a third option to turn around

I found this game because of Sjoerd Hekking’s review and boy, I did not expect it to be that stressful! I am not quite sure whether maybe a bit more time would have made it easier to actually read the conversations with our phone contacts, I had to chaotically click randomly a few times, but I really enjoyed the concept as well as the different endings (also the main message of this game: don’t work overtime :D). 


The game could use some polishing, both text-wise and maybe styling/mechanics-wise or I would love to see a “remastered/remake” of this fun time killer. It’s definitely worth a few plays, it’s minimalistic, so don’t expect it to be enormous or perfect.

Full review on my website!




cool itch's theme, game's title and banner, same as its font (which caught my attention).

white-bluish text on black background (and text-size & type), I like it so far.

menu with hovering/clickable sections changing in colours (also: highlighted words) sounds cool in gameplay.

would you generally plan to offer this game in other languages or just in english, depending on the option if user's would be open for collaborating or trusting them if their translations could be correct, etc.?

in-game, first screen: how about task/replies having +1 additional space/paragraph (than the ones between the lines, so the choseable texts would be quite more noticeable, next to its different font-colour&type there)?

turn on phone. dail911 ("task" refers to daill 999 being its standard), so somehow an "L" being bit excess, I guess?

I like the visual countdown and edited text after it reaches zero. The storyline's also cool when using the other option than turning on your phone's battery with 20sec left.

I double won yay 😁 



 I am   s p e e d .

Um......that was easy? I did it in 10 seconds

(1 edit) (+3)

This comment contains spoilers for the endings so please read at your own risk!

The whole time I was picking the options to save the woman, I was hurriedly clicking here and there while skimming through the text. I loved that there were multiple endings to this. So far, I got multiple endings such as 'Brianna saves you' ending, and the 'Woman Reported Missing' ending. That ending where she went missing gave me the shivers, because those cases can happen in real life too. 

There was an ending where the woman became suspicious of Luke's whereabouts when her life was in danger so I played it a few more times to see where Luke actually was and apparently this is the ending I got: 

Well, turns out Luke is a cheating bastard. But overall, it's a good game with rising tension as the seconds count down. 



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